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    We supply car elevator large room.
    The world’s leading optoelectronic devices are applied to elevator doors, making car access safer. The elevator station lights of the car elevators have been carefully designed to make their service more reliable and more user-friendly. The advanced data network system has greatly accelerated the transmission speed and accuracy of elevator control data, further improving its working efficiency.
    Product Introduction of the goods elevator large room
    he elevator adopts the world’s advenced technology and is specially designed according to the special needs of the car in terms of space and performance.With greater flexibility and reliability,it provides a foolproof service for your expensive car.
    2.Product Parameter(Specitifition) of the goods elevator large room
    CapacitySpeedModelCar SizeDoor SizeOpening TypeShaft SizeMachine room size
    5000.5-1.0ZFTH5001100×1150×22201100×2100Side Open2100×16502950×3000
    10000.5-1.0ZFTH10001400×1600×22201200×2100Side Open2350×21003250×3600
    20000.5-1.0ZFTH20001900×2100×22201600×2100Side Open2900×26004000×5000
    30000.25-0.63ZFTH30002200×2500×22202000×2100Middle open 4 panels3500×30004500×5000
    50000.25-0.63ZFTH50002400×3600×25202400×2400Middle open 4 panels3900×41005000×6000
    80000.25ZFTH80002700×5000×25202400×2400Middle open 4 panels4100×55005000×6000
    Application of the goods elevator large room
    Goods elevator large room for loading products installed in factory and workshop
    4).Product feature of the goods elevator large room
    1).Selection of auxiliary manipulator
    2).Energy feedback device
    3).Vioce announcement
    Production details of the goods elevator large room
    1. The main power switch should be installed on the wall of the machine room from 1.3-1.5m above the ground. If several elevators share the same machine room, the control structure of the main power switch of each elevator should be easy to identify. The color of the panel wires is arranged from left to right or top to bottom. The specific order is A (yellow phase), B (green phase), C (red phase), N (light blue), and PE (yellow-green two-color)
    2. The wall, bottom and top of the hoistway shall have sufficient mechanical strength to be constructed of sturdy, non-combustible materials, and the material itself shall not contribute to the generation of dust. A fully reinforced concrete shaft is recommended.
    3. The hoistway shall be provided with permanent electrical lighting, and the hoistway shall be illuminated even if the doors are closed during maintenance and repair. The specific position is: within 0.5m of the highest and lowest points of the hoistway, each lamp is installed, and a lamp is set every 7m in the middle, and it is guaranteed that when all the doors are closed, it is above the top surface of the car and 1m above the ground of the pit. The illuminance is at least 501x. Jingdao Lighting Pei County shall not use plastic sheathing.
    Product Qualification of the goods elevator large room
    Our factory
    Our Exhibition
    Our Certificates
    a.What advantages your elevators have
    We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
    b.Installation & Maintaining
    We will send installation & maintaining manual along with the escalator in the container.
    Our suggestion is to hire a professional local company for installation and future maintaining,once you need any technical assistant from us, just don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.Technician will be sent to the job site if necessary
    1 set per order.China Car Lift

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